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Mar-Del Watermelon Association Mission

Our mission is to promote Maryland and Delaware grown watermelons and the watermelon industry from production to consumption by using our queen program, focused-direct advertising, educational seminars, and financial support for research and development.  

About the Mar-Del Watermelon Association

Established in 1965, the Mar-Del Watermelon Association is an organization that works to increase demand for Maryland and Delaware watermelons and the agriculture industry for their farmers, brokers, and industry suppliers. The voluntary, elected board of directors strives to make a positive difference in the business and lives of its members while working closely with National Watermelon Association and National Watermelon Promotion Board. 

2019 Watermelon Queen

Watermelon Queen Program

Summer Thomas

Mar-Del Watermelon Association

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Watermelon Queen

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Your support and contributions  of membership or our annual banquet with auction will enable us to meet our goals and improve support to our queen program, advertising campaign, research & development, and scholarships for future agriculture career students. Your generous donation will fund our mission.